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listen_nowTwin sisters, LOW Shao Suan and LOW Shao Ying, are graduates of the famed Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris in France. While studying there, the sisters won competitions such as 2nd and 3rd prize at the International Competition of U.F.A.M., and 1st prize at the Claude KAHN Competition for piano duet.

Listen_now_spotifyUpon their return to Singapore, the sisters have performed as soloists numerous times with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO) under the baton of Maestros CHOO Hoey, LIM Yau, LU Jia, Darrell ANG and Joshua TAN. They have also performed as soloists with the Singapore Festival Orchestra under Spanish Maestro Virginia MARTINEZ, as well as with the European Baroque Ensemble in Portugal, and the Hunan Symphony Orchestra in China with Maestro XIAO Ming. Their CD recording of Saint-Saens’ Carnival of the Animals with the SSO and its Music Director, Maestro Lan SHUI, was released in July 2012.

buy_amazonAs avid composers, the sisters have had their songs sung by various Asian pop singers such as Jolin TSAI, Mink, CHEN Yi Yi and Vivian HSU, and a handful of their instrumental compositions have won awards on independent music websites. Their debut instrumental album featuring their original compositions, Romance in the City, received the “2014 Artistic Performance Album of the Year” award at the “10th Hi-fi Album Awards 2014” in Guangzhou, China.
Shao Suan and Shao Ying are currently full-time piano accompanists at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, and they are also full members of the Composers and Authors Society of Singapore (COMPASS). For more information and sheet music and mp3 downloads, please visit their website at

Low Shao Ying
01. A Breezy Morning (for oboe and piano) – 02:13
02. Valse de Printemps (for two piano) – 02:46
Low Shao Suan
03. l’oiseau et la Cloche (for two flutes, tubular bells and piano) – 01:59
Low Shao Suan
Miniature Pieces (for bassoon, vibraphone and piano)
04. Waltz – 01:57
05. Three-in-one – 01:20
06. Reflections – 04:07
07. Against All Odds – 02:30
Low Shao Ying
08. Flowers in The Valley (for flute and piano) – 02:26
Low Shao Suan
09. Winterland (for two pianos) – 03:44
10. Sweet Dreams (for flute, oboe and piano) – 03:48
Low Shao Ying
11. Crossroads (for cello quartet) – 03:13
Low Shao Suan
12. Springtime in Munich (for flute and piano) – 03:19
Low Shao Ying
13. Reflections (for clarinet, horn and piano) – 03:09
14. Intermezzo (for flute and piano) – 02:56
Low Shao Ying
On Vacation (for string quartet)
15. A Walk in The woods – 02:16
16. At The Carnival – 01:49
17. Out at Sea – 02:10
18. By The Fireplace – 02:46
Low Shao Ying
19. Nostalgia (for oboe and piano) – 03:41
Low Shao Suan
20. By The Fireplace (for flute and piano) – 03:04
21 Snowscapes (for two pianos) – 04:11
Low Shao Ying
22. Dancing By The Stream (for flute, oboe and piano) – 02:14
Low Shao Suan
23. After Midnight (for tenor trombone and piano) – 04:02
Low Shao Suan & Low Shao Ying
24. Souvenirs de Paris (for two pianos) – 03:43
Total length: 69:33

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