NIGHTBERRY is NIGHTFROG’s brand and label for publishing our own as well as selected works of others. Through NIGHTBERRY, we and our partners have the ability to publish and distribute our own content and ideas, whatever moves us, directly, without detours or compromises, in close dialogue with our clients. NIGHTBERRY products can be purchased online via our website, Amazon or iTunes as well as from selected booksellers.



Vodou_Healer_Cover THE VODOU HEALER – Real afro-american Voodoo (Engl. Version on Demand)
Everyone comes, when the voodoo priest does his offerings to the spirits. Some need protection, some need healing, and others just need advice. Papa Joe is there for everyone; rich, poor,lawyers, criminals, teachers, whites, latinos and Afro-Americans. He is a father figure and a patriarch. He is PAPA JOE, the VODOU HEALER.
PAULO COELHO – MY LIFE (Engl. Version on Demand)

Adored by his many fans, often reviled by the critics, Paulo Coelho is one of the world’s most successful writers. His books have climbed the bestseller lists worldwide for years, have been turned into movies and been read by over 500 million readers in 150 countries. His best-known title is „The Alchemist“ from 1988.

This doc paints a moving portrait of the charismatic and yet modest Brazilian author in various settings and stages of his life


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A brand is only as good as the people who fill it with content and life. We love films. We love music. And we want to share our passion with you!
Walter Liebold is our Senior Label Manager. Active for many years in the German cinema scene (CinemaxX, Gloria Palast München), he now devotes himself to the sale and marketing of our products. The magic of moving images and the perfect sound have motivated him for his entire life. He shares his knowledge of the world of home entertainment with NIGHTBERRY. ON DVD, CD & Blu-ray – but also digitally on iTunes, Vimeo on Demand and Amazon.

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